John Stewart: Videos And Tributes

Fred Grittner And John August Lee Singing Fred's "Where The River Meets The Sea"

The Song That Should Have Been Included In The Film Secretariat

Tim Dismang With Dave Batti And Bob Hawkins: Three JS Songs

California Bloodlines

Runaway Train

Wind On The River

New From Denis Hurst - "Brothers And Sisters Of The Lines"

A Tribute To John Stewart And His Most Dedicated Followers, The Bloodliners

From Nikki Sherwin: Tribute Picture - "Ticket To The Stars" (2004)


From UK Bloodliner Denis Hurst: Original Song And Tribute Video - "Home To The Stars"

For John - By David Bezayiff


From Bloodliners Jan Hauenstein and Charlie Woodward: "Bolinas"


From Bloodliner/Recording Artist Jeff McDonald: "Thank You, Lonesome Picker"


From The John Stewart Band: Selection From The Towne Crier Memorial


From The UK: Amy And Helen's "Lonesome Picker's Last Hurrah"


Video from The Malibu Memorial


Slider Tribute Video

From Nashville, 1990 - Joan Baez: "Strange Rivers"

From Sweden: A Remarkable Montage To "Botswanna"

From The UK: Helen And Amy - "Some Kind Of Love"

From The UK: Helen And Amy - "Bringing Down The Moon"

Mr. Banjo: "Remember The Man"